– The tow-sided bag has a unique design that’s simple and timelessly elegant.

– Must HAVE for Summer or Holidays. Take it anywhere life takes you!

– Width: 35 cm | Height: 33 cm  (you can request a square shape or height greater than width)

-Strap drop length: 27 cm

-Yarn Fiber:  55% cotton, 45% acrylic


Personalizable. All that lefts now is to choose your colors (2 colors only)

  • Main Color: black or beige
  • Accent color: purple, blue, orange, sky blue, green or hot pink (please see last image)


  • Gently hand wash in cold water

PLEASE NOTE –Because every Tote bag is unique and handmade just for you, please allow up to 7-10 days for delivery. 

Additional information

Main Color

Beige, Black

Accent Color

Purple, Blue, Orange, Sky Blue, Green, Hot pink

Zouzou Crochet

When it’s time to treat yourself to something unique, we’ve always believed that nothing compares to handmade crafting. That’s why we’ve mixed 40 years of experience and a lifelong passion for creativity with a whole host of unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. The result is a store that offers you something new and exciting every time you stop by, and all with the authentic finishing touches you can only enjoy when you shop handmade products. 

Whether you fall in love with our authentic approach to crochet, or you have your heart set on one of our tote bags or bottle holders, you’re sure to leave with a smile every single time. Exactly what you want to hear when you’re looking for exquisite pieces that invite you to customize quickly and easily so you get exactly what you want, and nothing more. 

When it’s time to treat yourself to something special, we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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