Polymer clay has become a popular material among designers due to its customizable and durable characteristics. This makes it an ideal choice for earrings and other fashionable pieces of jewelry. Not only does polymer clay allow for endless colors and textures, but it is also lightweight and easy to support without being heavy on the ears or uncomfortable like most metal jewelry can be. Plus, because there are so many independent support mumpreneurs and creative makers selling their beautiful handmade pieces, you can make sure your polymer accessory is one-of-a-kind. It’s the perfect combination of unique design with a lightweight feel – what more could you want?


Handmade unique Polymer clay earrings, One piece per style. Grab yours, you have only one chance for each.

I design with creativity, imagination and Lots of LOVE. Every slab has very few pairs out of it . This is my comfortable space where i can share with you my favorite hobby.

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