This plant hanger is customizable by style, colour and size. Steps for placing your order are given below:

Step 1: Please select a style, colour and size range as per your requirements. Choose from 2 styles – Modern Scandinavian Monochrome Style, which combines shades of brown or Boho-Chic Style, made with 2 shades of one colour, as well as single colours. For size, choose from  Large (2 Pots) (length 140-180) or XL (2 Pots) (length 180-220 cm). If you want your plant hanger to carry 3 pots, choose from Large (3 pots) (length 140-180cm) or XL (3 Pots) (length 180-220 cm). 

Step 2: Within 24 hours of placing your order, an email will be sent to you requesting the exact length and pot size required by you. Images of the material to be used will be shared as well to confirm your choice of colour.

*Each custom plant hanger is especially designed and handcrafted for you as per your requirements. No two plant hangers are the same, and each one is distinct and one-of-a-kind.
*This festive season, receive a surprise gift with every plant hanger ordered!

*Free gift wrapping on request.
*Please note that this offer does not include pot and plant. S hook for mounting is included.
*Please allow 6-8 days for delivery as this is a custom order. If you require your order urgently during this festive season, please let us know, and we will do our best to fulfill it as soon as possible. 

Description of plant hanger in images:
Style: Modern Scandinavian
Colours: Dark and Fawn Brown
Size: Large
Length: 166 cm
Length upto 1st pot: 74 cm
Length upto 2nd pot: 127 cm
Max pot diameter: 14 cm
Material: Cotton/Poly mix

Additional information


Modern Scandinavian 2 colours (Shades of Brown), Boho-Chic 2 Colours, Boho Chic Single Colour


Boho Chic Single Colour – Natural, Boho Chic Single Colour – Cream, ​​Boho Chic Single Colour – Brown (Fawn Brown), Boho Chic Single Colour – Brown (Camel Brown), Boho Chic Single Colour – Brown (Dark Brown), Boho Chic Single Colour – Rust, Boho Chic Single Colour – Purple (Grape), Boho Chic Single Colour – Green (Avocado), Boho Chic Single Colour – Pink (Wild Rose), Boho Chic Single Colour – Blue (Prussian Blue), Boho Chic 2 Colours – Pink shades (Baby Pink + Wild Rose), Boho Chic 2 Colours – Red shades (Maroon + Red), Boho Chic 2 Colours – Purple shades (Grape + Lavender), Boho Chic 2 Colours – Blue shades (Cobalt + Turquoise), Boho Chic 2 Colours – Green shades (Avocado + Lawn Green), Modern Scandinavian (Shades of Brown) – Dark Brown + Camel Brown, Modern Scandinavian (Shades of Brown) – Dark Brown + Fawn Brown (as in images), Modern Scandinavian (Shades of Brown) – Camel Brown + Fawn Brown


Large (2 Pots) (length 140-180cm), Large (3 Pots) (length 140-180cm), XL (2 Pots) (length 180-220 cm), XL (3 Pots) (length 180-220 cm)


Macrame plant hangers are a fantastic. They are artistic and aesthetically pleasing, allow you to make room for more plants, and are very trendy right now! 

Each of our custom plant hangers is especially handcrafted for you, as per your requirements. No 2 plant hangers are the same, and each plant hanger is unique and one-of-a-kind.

To order your custom plant hanger, please pick a plant hanger design, and choose from the options given for colour & size ranges as per your requirements.  Within 24 hours of placing your order, an email will be sent to you requesting the exact length and pot size/s you would require for your plant hanger. You will receive your order within 6-10 days thereafter. 

Scroll to order your custom plant hanger! 

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Delivery in 2-4 days for standard pieces, i.e, pieces already available in shop. Delivery in 7-10 days for custom pieces.

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