Resin Vanity Tray/ Decorative Tray with 2 coasters

Perfect to use as home décor. Can be used on dresser, console or on coffee table. It is a decorative piece so it makes a good gift too. Can be gifted on any occasion like housewarming, anniversary, birthday, festive or just casual gifting.

Made of Resin. Resin is a chemical which is used in certain technique to create beautiful home décor. It is not food safe.

Size: 20cm by 20 cm approx. It is in abstract shape. I have used small pieces of crushed glass to make little stand from behind.

Materials used: Resin, Pigment powder, crushed glass

Reminder: This is handmade, so there might be little imperfection. But it will not impact the quality or functionality of the product. Since it is an abstract art form so cannot guarantee duplicate orders. Each piece is unique and exclusive.

Care tips: Do not keep very hot dishes on it. Do not keep outside in sun. Clean with water.

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Ensemble is an evolution of creative ideas – originating seven years ago as a small step to learn something new to a passion for creating exquisite and vibrant array of personalized home decor collections.

Mukta, the entrepreneur, proudly presents her creations, passionately crafted with unique use of colors, paints, resin, embellishments, and colorful tissue papers on any surface – glass, wood, metal, plastic and so on.

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