The Earthistic Organic Cotton Blankets are handloomed from high recycled organic cotton. These blankets are used to aid total body relaxation during meditation or yoga practice by providing warmth and comfort. Meditation is most powerful when the body is fully relaxed and comfortable, and using a blanket will help to ensure that your practice is as beneficial as possible. Earthistic Organic Cotton Yoga Blanket can also be used to cushion hands, knees and elbows during asana practice. Our blankets are durable, eco-friendly and designed to support and enhance your practice for years. Alternatively, these blankets are good for a good day outdoors, to relax and soak in the sun!

  • Material: Recycled organic cotton
  • Colour: Indigo / Turquoise Blue
  • Size in inches (W x H): 95″ x 82″ / 241 x 208
  • Weight: 1.5 kgs
  • Package Content: 1 recycled organic cotton blanket

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Indigo, Turquoise


🌱•Eco-friendly •Natural •Handmade by small community artisans •Minimal• Switch to #earthisticlife 🌎•Be the change

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