Accept the challenge in the game and see if you will be able to break the Pinata and be the winner at the party

• Ideal for birthday parties, school events, office parties; Kids and adults of all ages will join in on the fun
• Easily fill the piñata with candies, chocolates, mini toys or confetti
• Perfect for theme parties and fun occasions

Make your parties more exciting with this fantastic pinata! Hung it from the ceiling or a tree branch and let kids and adults try their hands at breaking it open for some tasty and fun treats.

The Piñata is made to be strong for a long lasting fun and excitement

Baby Mama


Here is who I’m:

My name is Kristin, I m a mom of two and the co-founder of Baby Mama UAE Brand. I design products to inspire moms like me and give life to ideas finding beautiful, creative and useful to us


Here is what we do:

Baby Mama stand for the new and unknown, ready to fall, fail and repeat until we create something unique and beautiful and outstanding, until we master the product we give life to. Our vision as a family is to make products that we, ourselves as creators not only desire to have when we see, but to make it useful and needed. Our mission was to create cozy and comfortable baby nests but we didn’t stop there as our imagination just got bigger and greater and we continue to give inspiration to those around us with different and innovative baby products, disposable bags storage organizers, piñata’s for memorable celebrations, girls hair clips organizers and even little something for the pet lovers with our cute little bandanas

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