A handmade resin love stand alone sign is an unforgettable and unique gift to show someone how much they mean to you. This handcrafted creation is sure to be showcased for all time, as it displays a tender sentiment of your feelings for them. Not only does the handcrafted sign provide positive vibes from their decor, but with its resilient resin outer layer and delicate beauty, it can also withstand the forces of life — ideal for any season. A durable symbol of emotion, this special Love sign offers a unique decor element to add a loving touch and transform any space into a place full of warmth and affection.

Amands Crafty Studio

Amands Crafty Studio is a small business that was founded in 2021 by me. I am a self-taught resin artist  who specializes in creating hearty resin epoxy decorative pieces gifts,souvenirs etc. Inspiration  behind my pieces derives from nature and the abstract world. Resin decor and paintings  is a trend and is evidently making waves.  They are the  easiest way to create glam in any home and therefore this business is aiming to do just that- adding character to your homes!

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