Handmade. Crochet.  Child safe.  Cotton, cotton/acrylic blend yarns. Handwash gently in cool water using mild detergent.  Air dry.  Seal in a plastic bag and put in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any germs or dust mites.

Benefits of Crochet Toys in child development

  • crochet toys are soft and help babies develop their sensory skills, aiding in their social and emotional development
  • crochet toys give familiarity and reassurance to children
  • children can learn to soothe themselves by cuddling their soft, crochet toys
  • crochet toys allow children to become aware of different colors, sizes, texture and this is a way of helping them to discover their environment
  • crochet toys allow children to role-play, helping them to improve communication and language
  • crochet toys allow children to appreciate other people and to also help them develop compassion, empathy and bonding

Handmade Creations L,L

Handmade Creations L,L is my own small, personal business offering unique hand-made items from fashion jewelry to knit and crochet clothing and amigurumi and soft toys.  I have been a ‘crafter/designer’ for many decades and am very happy to be sharing my passion with you.  Please enjoy!  L, L.

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