Naturoglitz shea butter soap is hand made cold processed natural Soap made in UAE. This is a completely vegan soap. This shea butter soap is enriched with the benefits of shea butter along with the goodness of coconut oil& olive oil

Store your soap in a soap dish drain off water and let it dry. Place it as far away as possible from the shower head.
Use a loofah or washcloth uses less soap than scrubbing by hand while producing a more luxurious lather.
Take cooler showers as the hot water has a harder time creating lather. This means your soap bar lasts longer.


NaturoGlitz is a brand created in a vision to embibe the benefits of natural ingredients to body care products. Naturoglitz  provides you a wide range of handcrafted natural body care products made using skin safe ingredients. All our products are handmade in small batches in UAE to ensure the quality

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