Album Box Dimensions –  length 19 x width 26.5 x thick 13 (cm)

Photo Picture Album Dimensions – length 21.5 x width 46.5 (cm)

Capacity Photo Picture Album: holds 180 photos pictures of different size (min size is 3×4 cm and max size is 10×15 cm) 


My mom is 56 years old. All her life she was working as music teacher in kinder garden. Like all other women, she was dreaming about a great future for her family, good husbands for her daughters and of course about having grandkids. And, one of her main dreams was to walk with her beloved husband hand-in-hand near a river when both are old.

Unfortunately, life is so unpredictable. When my mom turned 50 life took away her beloved husband and amazing father from her daughters.

From that time her life changed completely and she started a new different life and her daughters must look for another life as well. Her youngest daughter (myself) traveled to UAE for work and she met her love there. She got married and she got small daughter also – Miya. Miya became her sense of life and my mom and my sister got inspired by her. My mom wants to make some special toy for her and she started to create soft toys. With those toys Miya started to learn – like where is her eyes, mouth, nose and so many other things. So my mom wants to share her creativity with all the world, so every other kid can have the same feeling and opportunity to learn and ability to sleep with their favorite toy.

My sister left to Poland. She saw Miya only once from the time she arrived to this world. And, due to the Covid-19 she is still not able to see her. So Miya inspired my sister to create photo albums. Miya is growing every single minute and it is important to catch everything. And how we can do it? By creating personalised photo albums. It is such a great opportunity to have some unique items and to know that no one else in this world will have it.

Such things makes us feel special. It is memories which you can give as a present. Time flies. So you can try to catch it.

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