All time Favorite Designs to choose from

  1. Name Your Warrior – is a design made for those who love these drinks and will look for these whenever they go.
  2. For Matcha Lover Only – I dedicate this design for those who love matcha so much! This tote belongs to you.
  3. Street Fighter – these food are my favorite whenever I go back to our home country (Philippines) and for sure all Filipino will relate on this Tote. So for fellow kababayans who love to eat street food this tote is for us. 🫶🏼
  4. Our Childhood Memoirs


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Our bags are eco friendly products and fashionable. I personally use these bag wherever I go mall, market, church, and beach.

Perfect for gift giving or give aways. 

We do customized hand-painted Tote Bags, Pouches and Jute Bag. 

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