Family free-standing display sign. Display this crafty piece proudly  in your family home or give to someone as a loving gift! Product made with tender  care.

Lead/Delivery time     

These signs are made to order and will take 48-72 hours to cure before they are shipped. All decor signs are unique and therefore each might be different from the picture.


Product is made of epoxy resin and products with resin contain slight imperfections as it is not plastic or glass. All resin products are unique and therefore each item will vary in color and design outcome, it’s part of their charm. Due to material being used , imperfections can occur.For example, there might be minor bubbles however, these do not limit the use of the product.

Epoxy Resin can break if dropped, resin is hard but can easily crack under too much force.

Product Care Instructions

Please avoid placing the word block near bright windows or direct UV/sunlight; it can result in any clear resin in the designs turning yellow.Resin is flexible in extreme heat.

Cleaning: Clean by hand with a damp cloth or simple dust off. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives, and never soak it in water.These can tarnish the glossy surface and can cause the resin to break down

Additional information

Weight 320 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 cm

Floral, Gold & Glitter, Purple & Glitter

Amands Crafty Studio

Amands Crafty Studio is a small business that was founded in 2021 by me. I am a self-taught resin artist  who specializes in creating hearty resin epoxy decorative pieces gifts,souvenirs etc. Inspiration  behind my pieces derives from nature and the abstract world. Resin decor and paintings  is a trend and is evidently making waves.  They are the  easiest way to create glam in any home and therefore this business is aiming to do just that- adding character to your homes!

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