• While we take utmost care in crafting our cookies, please be aware that they are prepared in a facility that handles various ingredients. Individuals with severe allergies should exercise caution. Reach out for more detailed ingredient information.
  • Our cookies are handmade with care, and while we strive for consistency, please note that the intricate icing designs may vary slightly from the reference photos. We appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy the unique touch of each cookie.

Pinch of Salt by Prajakta

Welcome to Pinch of Salt, where every bite tells a story of artisanal craftsmanship and a passion for perfection. Our bakery is more than a place that creates delectable treats; it’s a journey into the world of extraordinary flavors and unparalleled indulgence. With a commitment to using the finest ingredients, our skilled bakers blend tradition with innovation to craft confections that not only satisfy your cravings but also create lasting memories. Step into a realm where each pastry, cake, and cookie is a masterpiece, inviting you to savor the sweet moments of life. Welcome to a world where baking is an art, and every creation is a celebration.

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