Ecofriedly Beco Feeding Set

The award winning Beco feeding set includes a beaker, plate and bowl and with them all being made from our natural plant fibre plastic, they are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. The products are completely sustainable to make and they are also very tough for everyday use. Being dishwasher friendly so if any part of your Beco feeding set is accidently left behind after a picnic, you’re safe in the knowledge that it won’t be harming the environment! The Beco beaker has an easy grip slim design for little hands and a curved rim to prevent spills. The Beco plate and Beco bowl have high sides to help avoid accidents and save any flying peas!

    Height: 23 cm
    Width: 24.5 cm
    Depth: 4 cm
    Weight: 44 g
  • Item details
    Made from sustainable materials, easy grip beaker, dishwasher friendly, BPA and phthalate free
    Available in 3 fantastic colours!
    Long lasting and hard wearing
  • More information
    Suitable for all ages: Dishwasher Safe

Additional information

beco feeding set color

Green, Blue, Pink

Boho Bebe

Bohobebe products embody three fundamental principles: convenience, design, and eco-friendliness. For the fast-paced lifestyle of modern parents, convenience and functionality is key. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is essential for a variety of reasons, especially for parents striving to live a healthy, on-the-go lifestyle. We understand the importance of avoiding exposure to hazardous materials such as BPA, phthalates, or parabens. We prioritize the use of reusable, eco-friendly materials to reduce waste and promote a healthier environment.

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