Dimensions: Height 12 cm (4.7 inches) Weight 160 g. Natural color. Not Scented.

Candles are designed for decorative and ornamental use, adding an aesthetically pleasing ambience to your home. My candles are perfect for decorating your home or as a gift. This is a decorative candle, but if you choose to light it, use a candle holder. Trim the wick a little after each use. Do not store the candle in the sun.

All my candles are unique as they are individually hand poured, however this may mean some minor imperfections/variations in color may occur as this does not affect the quality of the candle. But I try to make every candle at the highest level and with love.

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 8 cm

VIVO Candles

VIVO Candles – Candles for the soul 🫶

At first, my 2 interests developed in parallel. I love 3D very much, I was looking for various training videos to learn how to create 3D figures. I even managed to earn a little extra money from this.

I also really love candles and scents. I always couldn’t pass by the candle sections in stores. I feel great pleasure when a candle burns. And a candle is a great element of home decor. But often I couldn’t find the right candle shape. All stores sell the same thing, or craftsmen buy the same molds.

Then I thought, why don’t I combine my 2 passions into one? I can create my own molds in 3D and cast them into candles! I bought a 3D printer and started making it! Even in well-known popular forms, I bring some personality, because I create them myself. I don’t have many designs yet, but with you

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