Customised Charms

Customised Charms

Charms are made with crystals, herbs, flowers as well as essential oils and are sealed and charged with Reiki energy. They can be customized according to an individuals personal need such as for boosting confidence, attracting abundance and even for protection from negative energies. Our charms come with a bunch of customized affirmations from the healer herself that the individual needs to repeat in order to activate the charm for their personal use. The charm is recommended to be kept in your cupboard, personal bags or in your room for maximum effect.

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Fertility/Conceiving, Fertility/Pregnancy Health, Good Sleep, Love/Relationships, Love/Self Love, Protection/Aura, Protection/Backbiting, Protection/Negative thoughts, Sleep/Good Dreams, Success/Abundance, Success/Confidence, Success/Focus

My Flora Oracle

I believe that flowers and herbs are magical and they possess incredibly healing qualities that are highly beneficial for our health. The aim of My Flora Oracle is to deliver these healing qualities of flowers and herbs to its customers through the handmade and fully organic products that we produce. We offer a variety of oils, candles, smudge sticks, salts, mists and charms that are made from authentic dried flowers and herbs. These products are not only intended to heal your body but your mind and soul as well.


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