Also known as the Montessori Puzzle Ball, Amish Ball, Clutch Ball, Takane Ball, Gripping Ball.

The Puzzle Ball’s geometrical and symmetric form, eye-catching colours, the sound from the rattles inside, and the fact that it is lightweight make it irresistible and just calling out to be grabbed, tossed around, mouthed, and played with by your baby. You can introduce it when your little one is a few weeks old, and afterwards it will stay around for the following months, even years!

The Puzzle Ball offers a new challenge through stimulation and motivation at every stage of development. For example, it can be used as the following:

  • 0-3 months: a visual mobile to stimulate visual development
  • 3-5 months: a tactile mobile by lowering it so that your baby can interact with it through tapping or kicking
  • 5-7 months: as a toy during tummy time to reach for, grab, and squeeze, or roll it in front of your baby when crawling or sitting
  • 7+ months: playing hide and seek with the ball, by partially hiding it, to encourage exploration and gameplay

Some of its benefits:

  • Strengthen hand muscles
  • Gain finger dexterity and coordination
  • Provide new sensory experience
  • Explore the relationship between cause and effect
  • Auditory development
  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Increase curiosity towards surroundings
  • Develop purposeful movements with planned actions
  • Raise self-esteem through successful problem solving

The Puzzle Ball is completely safe for your baby as it is made from 100% certified organic cotton. This cotton is completely pesticide-free and grown in farmlands where neither agricultural chemicals nor chemical fertilisers had been used. These strict safety standards are carried through the harvesting stage and also the manufacturing and processing stages afterwards.


  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton
  • Polyester Filling

Sample image size is 5 inches (12.7 cm) diameter. Size and colours can be customised on request.

Please allow 4-6 working days plus delivery


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