The box comes with all supplies needed, well done stickers, a certificate and a zip bag to put your kids favorite activities and take it out everywhere.

All activities below are already laminated and cutted apart:

1- Popsicle geometry (Teaches shapes and building)

2- Funny shapes (Teaches problem solving and two dimensional shapes)

3- Color patterns (Teaches colors recognition and  follow a sequencing pattern)

4- Shape sorting (Teaches sorting and classifications and  language skills)

5- Shape tracing   (Teaches pre writing, fine motor skills and learning about shapes)

6- Counting cards ( Teaches recognition and Early maths through shapes)

7- Make shapes (Shapes, imaginative play and exploration)

8- Colouring (Teaches early literacy and fine motor development)

9- Sensoriel sort ( Teaches colors recognition and sensory play )

10- Flower colouring ( Teaches shape and colour recognition)

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