Care instructions

When using watercolor in palettes please allow wet half pans to dry after use.

All paints are subject to eventual spoilage once opened and exposed to air and other contaminants. Most spoilage is a result of cross-contamination from common sources such as air, water, people, brushes and other utensils. Proper storage and usage will reduce potential sources of contamination and extend the life of your paint.

Activating watercolours

I recommend dropping several drops of water onto the Pillow topped Half Pan, then wait for a couple of minutes until the pigments are being dissolved. Then mix well with a brush until the color reaches a thick creamy consistency. You can add more or less water to your half pan to get the desired consistency that YOU like. More water will make the color more transparent and less water will make the color opaque when applying to your paper.
The color then can be used directly with a brush or applied to both sides of the your nib for calligraphy.

Air Bubbles and Air Pockets:

A little information on air pockets and bubbles
When manufacturing handmade watercolors on a glass slab moving pigment and binder around will infuse air into the batch of paint and it is quite common and unavoidable to totally get rid of these bubbles.
These bubbles do not effect the quality of these watercolor what so ever.

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