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mumsbuzzar is an online platform that brings a community of mums together: to channel their creative ideas into a product, provide a thriving e-marketplace for mums who are looking to have a launchpad for their home businesses, and get that sense of support and empowerment.

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The business space is changing fast in the United Arab Emirates. Recently the UAE government introduced legislation to encourage women in the workforce, including residency extensions, maternity packages and low business setup costs. Women and mumpreneurs also benefit from the zero tax on capital gains, income tax, and full repatriation of profits.

If you are a mumpreneur planning to start a business in Dubai, this is the perfect time to start. This post will explore different low-investment business ideas that mumpreneurs and other women can start in Dubai.

Low Investment Business Ideas For Women In Dubai

Dubai and the UAE are known for ‘ease of doing business’. It is said to have the most welcoming environments for female entrepreneurs from the UAE or worldwide. We have compiled a list of business ideas that require a low investment upfront to make a profit.

Fashion Photographer

If you have a creative flair and an entrepreneurial mindset, you may want to venture into fashion photography. Dubai quickly became an established fashion capital with the 21.5 million square foot Dubai design district. The city has hosted large-scale fashion events in the recent past, meaning there are a lot of opportunities you can tap into in the fashion and retail industry.

There is a massive rise in e-commerce and digital marketing in there UAE hence the many opportunities for fashion photographers. As a fashion photographer, you will not incur huge overheads since you do not need to have your studio running. You only need photography equipment to start your businesses, a few clients and a computer with an internet connection.

A Real Estate Agent

Dubai has a thriving real estate market featuring world-class infrastructure and ground-breaking skyscrapers. The region’s real estate market offers higher returns than other regions worldwide, with 5% annual yields.

The real estate regulations in Dubai are transparent, and the market is open and highly competitive. There is a high earning potential on rental yields and potential capital gains. It is important to note that you do not need a significant upfront sum of money to become a real estate agent in Dubai. However, you will need to complete training for a real estate profession which typically takes four days, after which you have to take a RERA exam.

A Food-Based Business

Dubai has a large population of people who are not the UAE residents. Most of them work for multinational companies and have hectic work–life schedules. Unlike other businesses, you can start your food business with a low investment. You can make the food based on orders which means you will always make a profit.

On top of that, you do not require any educational qualification to make delicious food. This could be your perfect business venture if you are a woman with excellent culinary skills. You can start your business from home and reach out to your customers through social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.

However, you have to keep in mind that the quality of your food is essential for the growth of your business. Always make exceptional food to make sure your customers keep coming back.

A Child Day Care Business

Many people in Dubai are either employed or business persons, which means a child day care centre is essential for parents in Dubai. Many women have the inherent skill of caring for children and can remain calm enough to consider starting a daycare business in Dubai.

Please note that Dubai’s hygiene, health and childcare rules are stringent to ensure that the kids are properly cared for. If you want to start one, follow the rules and regulations properly.

Online Course

Online education has been in massive demand in the past few years. Online course creation has had an annual growth of 9% in Dubai, so if you have experience with training and in-depth knowledge of the subject, you may create a profitable business from online education. All you need is a reliable internet connection. You will be able to connect with thousands of students worldwide.

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Mumsbuzzar is an e-commerce platform designed to help you sell all your organic products and eco-friendly business services from the comfort of your home. Our platform is skillfully designed to allow us to market your business to your target audience and help you increase your sales. At the same time, you get to focus on providing your customers with high-quality products and services.

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