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About Mumsbuzzar

mumsbuzzar is an online platform that brings a community of mums together: to channel their creative ideas into a product, provide a thriving e-marketplace for mums who are looking to have a launchpad for their home businesses, and get that sense of support and empowerment.

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  • Community Blog - Celebrating our Community
  • Community Blog - Celebrating our Community

Good day, mums!

We just crossed a big milestone for and I thought it would be a good reason to kick off another chapter of our journey – launching our blog. Over the last 6 months, I had the opportunity to meet so many of you mums and female entrepreneurs, heard your stories, got inspired by your passion, learned about your roadblocks and challenges. I must tell you – it is these stories that drive us here at mumsbuzzar to become your true best friend on your journey to becoming independent, thriving, entrepreneurial personalities.

The largest measure of our success is how many of you mums out there we can help drive to your personal goals. More than a platform promoting a product or facilitating orders, what mumsbuzzar means to us is the community that makes it happen. It is about inspiring others, making difficult things simple, building that personal relationship – relating to others’ stories, and being able to provide that helping hand when it matters most.

All journeys start with a single step. At mumsbuzzar, our aim is to make that first step less daunting. We focused our product design, legal and financial alignment, marketing, and distribution support – all around making that first step easier. Our goal is to see you become bigger than this platform – that’s our true measure of success. That’s why, our mumpreneurs are the focus of our business. Unlike some of our competitions, to whom you are often just a supplier providing products, you are the face of mumsbuzzar. It’s your story that inspires people out there. It’s your love and passion that translates into products that our customers have come to love.

So, I ask you to immerse yourself in this mission and become an integral part of this community. Get your passion and inspiration out there regularly. Let’s turn #mumsbuzzar into what it truly is – a mission and a cause. Because without you, there is no mumsbuzzar.

We will continue to use this forum going forward to share with you our thoughts for the future, stories of great launch or product success, what our customers are saying or how you can utilize this community to grow your business even more. Stay tuned!

Jovie Mainuddin
Founder & Director of